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HARIT KRISHI NIDHI LIMITED is a Company moving on the business of a non-banking financial organization. It is a non-banking financial company doing the business of lending and borrowing with its members or shareholders. The government has set up law for the Security of the deposit in the company to which the cradle is with authorization necessary.. HARIT KRISHI NIDHI LIMITED is fully complied with capital satisfactoriness norms set by the government.One of our most important priorities is the financial development of our members. Backed by a legacy of service excellence,HARIT KRISHI NIDHI LIMITEDis poised to move forward to become a more dynamic, innovative, and member-focused HARIT KRISHI NIDHI LIMITED - a dependable financial partner that offers stability and security for our members. Read More
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Creating a Business with Authentic Integrity

HARIT KRISHI NIDHI LIMITED is amongst the fastest growing in the country. As a young & dynamic company with a youthful & enthusiastic team, company is determined to accomplish its vision of becoming a major regional financial institution in the near future.

HARIT KRISHI NIDHI LIMITED’s mission is to offer quality financial services which meet the needs of its members and company’s service area; and to earn the trust and confidence of all stakeholders, exceeding their expectations and making the our microfoundation company a renowned financial choice.